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Vacation Property Rental and Sales, Property Management, Eco-Construction.

IMC is a full-service real-estate firm that specializes in vacation rental, property management and eco construction of properties in the Pacific Gold Coast area of Costa Rica.

Vacation Properties

Vacation time with family/friends is too important to leave to chance.  We match ALL of your specific needs with the property that will satisfy those needs!  An unforgettable experience with no surprises!

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5-Star Concierge Service

There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country without a lifeline to home or business if required.  We provide no charge long distance, fax, internet communication from our office in the center of Playa Flamingo…Need a babysitter, dinner reservation or help booking any activity, we are at your service and will help you find what you need.

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Living in Costa Rica

Building a home in Costa Rica may be the most profitable investment you have made in a long time!  Beach or Highlands; New build or Existing home:  the positives and negatives of each.

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Solar AC – Eco Construction

Forget about “tree hugger” technology!  Solar a/c and Eco Construction in warm climates is Smart Business-it generates revenue for property owners!  Reducing overhead fixed costs can put $1,000 USD or more in your pocket each month!  More retained revenue= a better R.O.I!

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Buying the Right Property in Costa Rica

The Potential to Generate Significant Return on Investment

Our turn key strategy uses a combination of proven solar a/c and eco construction to reduce overhead and increase property value; Full Property Management Services including maintenance, security and cleaning,  and Vacation Rental revenues from more than 2.5 million visitors per year to Costa Rica!  In the past 7 ½ years, the Dow Jones has averaged a yearly return of 3.15%.  The Right Home in the right location built the right way will exceed that return and pay for the vacation home of your dreams at the same time!

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Property Management

At IMC, we don’t believe you need to pay a Monthly Management for the privilege of renting your property.  Plus we only manage as many homes as we can properly service-about 35 in total.  Fewer houses means greater rental returns per house. We think that is a better idea!

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No matter what your budget or vacation rental preference, call us first for an independent third party evaluation BEFORE you book. We will even look after the booking for you and get you the best price we can for your vacation rental.